6 Reasons Why Introverts Make Amazing Realtors

6 Reasons Why Introverts Make Amazing Realtors

You don't have to be a social butterfly to make it in real estate. All those stereotypes associated with introverts are actually some of the best characteristics of successful agents.
If you dread small talk like, “How about this weather?” or if a stranger asks, “How are you today?” and you cringe, you’re certifiably an introvert.
At networking events, you audibly sigh when you see that ultra-successful real estate professional float in and light up the room, talking loudly and attracting everyone with their charisma. And you? You’re literally only present because you have to network for business; but let’s be honest, you’d rather be at home instead of listening to people fill short silences with platitudes.
Have you bought into the negative stereotypes of introversion and believe you’re at a disadvantage? Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are six major advantages you have as an introvert and how you can leverage your natural traits:

1. You’re not shy; you’re observant.

People often think that introverts are quiet because they are shrinking violets. The truth is that you take in everything around you before weighing in. This trait makes you an amazing communicator because you listen; you never just wait for the other person to stop talking to get a word in edgewise. Small talk may be the bane of your existence, but you pay attention and care. This is a powerful tool to use as you are fully immersed in your client’s needs.

2. Introverts are the world’s best devil’s advocates.

Because you consider all positions before opining, you can typically see all sides of an argument, which gives you tremendous power in negotiations. Take to heart the notion that the person who speaks first loses. Use your introversion to benefit your customers by not worrying about awkward silences during negotiations. Let the other party speak first.

3. You think before you act.

Your personality of not just speaking for the sake of speaking means you don’t wing anything. Let customers know that while you may not be loud, you notice what others miss and use that to their advantage. There’s a notion that people want real estate pros to be their best friends for life. In some cases, that’s true, but you’re hired to represent them in the largest financial investment of their life—express that you take that responsibility seriously.

4. You’re an information sponge.

Extroverts are great at entertaining others, but your silence allows you to soak in information. Instead of forcing yourself to be more outgoing to make others comfortable, dig deeper and keep reading and learning. Allow yourself to be a powerful advocate for your customers.

5. You are trustworthy.

You may not be slick, and you’re definitely not comfortable being “the life of the party,” but you’re an excellent listener which is a cornerstone of trust in any relationship. You don’t just immediately trust every human; you work hard to be trustworthy yourself. While around your customers, funnel energy into building trustworthiness with them.

6. You don’t like when people intrude.

When your phone rings at 8 p.m. and it’s a spam call, it irritates you. It broke your concentration (or worse, the silence) and upsets you more than it does a typical extrovert. Because of this feeling, cast a look at your marketing efforts—I bet none of them are intrusive. Study how your marketing can be even more considerate for fellow introverts.
Psychologists have long dispelled the myths that introverts are shy and scared, proclaiming that introverts may actually be better salespeople than extroverts (gasp!). “An introvert’s ability to listen, empathize and understand are superpowers in real estate,” says Matthew Pollard, author of the best-selling book, The Introvert’s Edge. “Unfortunately, however, these abilities are limited by an introvert’s lack of sales process.”
Pollard adds, “If introverts leverage their other introverted strength (planning) and develop a sales system … well, they beat their extroverted counterparts—hands down.”
You have all of the tools. Introversion is no weakness. Focus on your processes and natural abilities as your secrets for success, and watch your business grow. Your extroverted counterparts will still glide into a room and light it up. But you? You’ll smile, knowing your power is in your ability to step back and observe, be thorough and negotiate like a champ.  #