7 of the Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make,… and how to be an informed client in each area.

7 of the Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make,
… and how to be an informed client in each area. 

1)    Not saying “no”
Some agents say “yes” to everybody, but that is a load too heavy a burden to carry.  Sometimes agents get caught up in quantity vs quality, or maybe they need some improvement with their time management. 
Whatever the reason, pick an agent that respects their craft enough to a lot adequate time for each individual client.  That will ensure they understand and respect your time and you won’t feel “worked in” to their busy schedule, or worse, not given the attention your property adventure deserves. 

2)   Not communicating with clients
The number one complaint people make about real estate agents is their lack of communication.  Now as black and white as this may seem, this really has a different meaning for each client. 
So first, your agent should want to learn about your communication preferences. Do you want daily updates? Or just ongoing as the process unfolds? 
Make sure your agent wants to fully understand, respect and follow through with whatever YOUR communication style is!

3)   Not learning something new every day
The real estate business is changing faster than ever before. It’s a costly mistake not to be in a constant state of learning. 
Just because someone has been doing something for a long period of time, doesn’t mean they are up to speed with the latest updates that many times revolutionize their practice.
Be sure to research not only your agent’s experience, but their continued education including and above the minimum standards.   Furthermore, do they attend seminars, classes, workshops beyond of their industry scope?

4)    Not taking time off to refuel
High achievers can become workaholics. When it’s suggested they take time off to recharge their batteries, an agent of this caliber will respond with one of two answers.
“My business has been slow. I need to work extra hard right now to get my business back on track.” Or “The business is excellent right now. I need to work hard, so I take full advantage of this opportunity.”
Both of these statements are flawed. Rest and relaxation are for sharpening your axe. An agent that makes balance a priority will come back from time off with more focus and renewed energy.  The renewed energy will give them the ability to operate at their maximum productivity levels.  Taking time off is critical to long-term health as well. Without health, nothing else matters.
Find an agent who is well versed in balancing their priorities to give your property adventure process the focus it needs and deserves. 

5)    Shooting and posting amateur photography
The quality of photos that are uploaded to the MLS is, in most cases, deplorable.  Some are tiny, others are blurry, and most are poorly lit and shot at horrible angles. 
Find an agent that understands the significance of marketing your home with clear, quality photos.  An agent who also will value the investment of hiring a professional photographer to complete this task. 

6)   Overestimating a homes value just to “secure the client” 
Sometimes agents feel pressured to overestimate a homes sales value to “satisfy their client” But what good are they doing a client by overestimating and having their house sit on the market with no sale at all!?  Then once the price is dropped, the real estate community and potential buyers will already have a bitter taste for the home.
 If an agent gives you a home value without ever seeing your home, it’s likely going to have a sizable margin of error. 

Find an agent who will do in depth research on your property inside and out and run a full market analysis to view comparables at the present time. A home priced right will result in an efficient and happy sales process, seller and new owner!   

7)   Choosing the Wrong Broker … and Having the Wrong Motivations for Doing So
A broker will be a key part of an agents organization and there are many key factors that go into choosing the right one. 
A few critical concerns for real estate businesses regarding brokers is what they will offer their agents in terms of education and development, support, procedures and systems, leadership and culture and of course commission and fee structures.

Don’t just interview an agent when looking to buy or sell, research the Broker and Office.  Are they reputable, good track record, positive client reviews? What is their office Vision?  Do they even have an office vision!? Does it align with your own personal values?   How is the culture of the office? Do you get a good vibe when you are in or around the agents and office?

The good news is, all of these mistakes can be fixed. IF the Agent is open to change and growth.  

composed by: MindyDRealty, REALTOR @ RE/MAX By The Bay